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Casa Blanca

November 8, 2011

Well Geordie did a fine job of exulting in his cooking skills, and yes it was tasty. But he didn’t mention that last night we went out to a Mexican restaurant where we had a quite lovely meal too – although of course we had to pay for it! It was El Brujo (pronounced Brew ho, for the Spanish challenged) and the food was great although we did have a very loud woman next our table who tended to scream everything she wanted to say across her table (of 10 friends). At one point she threw some water at someone who retaliated and got me! She was so loud that I had to turn off my hearing aids.

Oh, wait, where was I? Oh, yeah. Food – I had fish fillet stuffed with shrimp and octopus topped with a spicy tomatillo sauce (those are green vegetables that look like tomatoes but are tarter and tasty). Geordie had rather dry chicken but the sauce was good.
And the reason for this message – I’ve been shamed into sending you photos of our apartment and surroundings.
I think I can upload them directly but then they fill up the whole screen so I have to upload them as files.  And to do so, I’ve started a new blog because it’s the only way I can see to do this right.

Sign over the front door

Front gate

The patio

Geordie at the computer on the patio

G outside the apartment

Geordie ensconced.

Outside looking in.

One Comment
  1. Laurie permalink

    The apartment complex looks really sweet. I’ll come and check it out when we get settled. We arrive on the 21st. See you soon. Laurie

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