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Casa Blanca Interiors.

November 10, 2011

Ok, all you folk who want to see the inside of our place… I took the pictures before I posted the first entry, but thought it would be a good idea to let things trickle out to you. You are all in such a hurry, lol.

So here we are:

The living room - notice we have ART!

The dining room and the kitchen. Notice more ART on the side wall and the kitchen wall.

The hall to the bedroom - more ART! We are so sophisticated.

Our bedroom - king sized bed - lumpy pillows - no art.

Every home needs a bathroom

And a guest bedroom. That picture is a little high.

And pets. Can you find all three?

The light one is Guero – quiet, but a nervous wreck. The hidden one is La Vaca – see the next picture. She’s preggers. And the black one is Cachi; he’s hyper. and can’t let the pregnant one alone – he spends his time mounting her. Poor La Vaca.

La Vaca - the cow- a guernsey I think.

La Vaca visits our door often, but when she gets in she makes a beeline for the garbage. Bad dog! And she acts very submissive. Our landlady has informed us that she expects help feeding the puppies when they arrive. I think she doesn’t expect LaVaca to know what to do.

And there you have our lovely apartment. We like it. We have neighbours too. I’ll introduce them and our landlady and her husband later.

I do hope you enjoyed the tour.

  1. bill mcfarlane permalink

    Thanks…very nice…….like it. get better pillows or you will ruin your necks. lol cheers

  2. Ann Sparkes permalink

    So enjoy your blog, Nigel. How long are you in Casa Blanca for?

  3. Terry permalink

    I am even more impressed that there are Lamps!! it is not all overhead lighting! Hint for future interior decorating shots… If you cannot edit or frame out the toilet, then at least put the seat down! Lol. — terry

    • knitknigel permalink

      Oh Terry, I know you have that thing about toilets. I remember you talking about apartments where the toilet was visible from the living areas. Ours isn’t in fact. But who leaves the toilet seat down all the time? LOL.

      • Terry MacKenzie permalink

        Just for pictures, Nigel….. 🙂

      • knitknigel permalink

        Ok, next time!

  4. lol….. well, at least the seat is down!

  5. I always put the lid down (and have taught Devan to do the same). That way you don’t risk dropping anything in it like your tooth brush or cell phone! I dropped Romeo and Juliet in the toilet when I was in high school. Those stalls are tight when you have an armload of books between classes!

  6. Dad, I see what you mean about the concrete couch. Is it comfortable?

  7. Terry MacKenzie permalink

    My comment was purely about the aesthetics of interior photos.
    Otherwise I don’t really care whether the lids are up or down, although there are safety issues as Holli points out. In our house, we had to ‘detrain’ the adopted cat from drinking there by insisting that everyone put the lid down. Now he ignores it as a possibility. The irony is that he has an antique pot from a commode set in the basement full of water just for him to drink! (My cats never want to drink the water that is put beside the food – what’s with that????)

    To N and G – the re-placement of the art seems to have made a difference! C U soon.

    • knitknigel permalink

      The fun part is that you folk are making comments on my blog. Thank you so much. And Terry and Ken – we are awaiting your arrival with much anticipation. Geordie keeps talking about what we will cook you for dinner using our one pot, our two frying pans and our four burner stove and no oven – oh wait. we do have a microwave oven – I’ve used it twice now to reheat coffee.

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