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Wine tasting

November 18, 2011

No pictures tonight, you’ll have to make do with me painting pictures with words.

Tonight we went to a wine tasting at Cork and Barrel – a wine store in Los Mercados, an upscale place with the wine store, a deli, an organic vegetable store and a bakery among other things. The owner of the shop is very knowledgable and gave us lots of information bout the wines we were enjoying.

We had two Chardonnay’s, quite different from one another, a rose, a pinot noir, a beaujolais nouveau and finally a blend of about seven different wines, grown and bottle in Mexico.

With each wine we had a little taste of something – a little too small to make a meal. included were a goat cheese, pecan and cranberry salad in a lettuce leaf, grilled pineapple with basil coulis, strawberries with whipped gorgonzola and lavender honey, turkey breast with cranberry chutney, smoked duck breast with jamaica reduction, and a chocolate decadence with raspberry coulis.

And you thought Mexico was unsophisticated!

Our table mate was a man from Montreal who has just retired and is spending a month here learning Spanish. He took my email because he was interested in doing a house swap – he likes Vancouver and would like to spend some time there. His place in Montreal is in The Plateau which sounds like a great place to be if we wanted to spend some time in Montreal – and really, who wouldn’t?

It wasn’t enough food though – the portions were tiny! So after we finished we walked along Olas Altas, one of the busy restaurant streets, and had a hot dog each at D’Mike’s hotdog cart. We’ve been eating there for years. Geordie says his first hot dog cost 5 pesos – they are now 17. But D’Mike himself says he started selling hot dogs at 40 centavos – that’s 40/100 of a peso – pretty damn cheap.

Now we are back at our apartment enjoying the whirl of the fans above us and relaxing before heading to bed.

Good night all.

  1. Terry MacKenzie permalink

    Sounds lovely.

  2. Did the wine tasting and lovely treats class up the hot dog?

  3. Laurie permalink

    Cork and Barrel sounds like a place we would visit. I’m not familiar with Los Mercados – address please. We fly of Monday – snow today in the uppercrust villages. Laurie

  4. Judy Walker permalink

    You even make hot dogs sound good.

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