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A morning in the life…

November 26, 2011

Geordie and I have a few routines down. We enjoy walking to the malecon, going out with the boys in the late afternoon for a cold beer after a hot day, sitting around and reading or knitting (that’s me), maybe a beach visit in the afternoon, or a cup of coffee at my new favourite coffee shop. (That’s Cafesto, where Page in the Sun used to be, if you are PV experienced – but now it’s air-conditioned!)

But in the mornings, we often go out for exercise – early, and then stop by the nearby market to have breakfast, and buy our meat, vegetables and other staples for the day. Here is a photo essay for you that gives you some flavour of a typical morning. (The pictures were taken over two mornings, but that’s because Geordie’s camera battery died early on the first day.)

Off to the laundry

My shoes are Vibram Five Fingers. People laugh at them, because they have toe spaces for all my toes. But they are as close to walking barefoot as one can get which is much better for the feet than our over padded shoes.

Weighing the laundry

We take our laundry here on Wednesdays when it’s two pesos cheaper per kilo than on other days of the week. It is weighed, then we get a receipt. It costs about $5.00 for our load. We go back about four hours later and get our freshly washed, dried and impeccably folded laundry wrapped in a plastic bag. I have never seen such well folded fitted sheets. It’s almost a shame to shake them out and put them on the bed.

At the market

The juice lady

See the wonderful smile. This woman is surrounded by oranges and spends her day making juice for happy customers.

Inside the vegetable market

A vista along the road

Walking on the cobbled street

More cobbles

The sidewalk narrows - a hanging bridge behind

The river at a tranquil moment

The Colonia (barrio) Benito Jaurez

A friendly reminder

This sign reads: It is strictly forbidden to bring your dogs to make their necessaries at the river or on the sidewalk.

A local restaurant (notice the name - Loncheria Lolita)

Geordie enjoying a sit down on the bench. I think he might be smiling at a puppy.

Another road side restaurant

Local bus drivers need to catch up on the gossip. They stopped here to have a little chat.

The bean man delivers

A heavy load of beans

The salad maker and the cactus peeler

Vegetarians hurry past the next two pictures.

The meat man delivers to the butcher shop

The butcher's place

I’m following an exercise routine to keep me fit. I’d like to drop a pound or 50 and so far this year I have gone down 17. I am following a Primal diet (eating lots of protein, vegetables and fruit, and no grains, starches or sugars) and I feel great. If you are interested in seeing some of the stuff I’m learning go to Mark’s Daily Apple. (You can click the link.)

Assisted pull-ups (I do 3 sets of 12 to 20) The starting position

The upper position

Beginning my squat session

Lower squat - I do 3 sets of 50!

Taking the position

3 sets of 20 pushups

The river

Why did the rooster cross the road?

Global Gas

The gas truck drives around the neighbourhood playing an irritating sound, then announcing “Global Gas” (Imagine gas pronounces gauze) The sound is the starting bugle for a horse race. And it plays endlessly. I wonder what the rate of insanity is for the truck drivers of Global Gas.n

I just noticed the sign for the Tortilleria in the background. These shops use machines to make the tortillas and the clatter of the machinery as it pumps out the tortillas and bakes them on an assembly line is one of the typical sounds of the colonias of Mexico.

Homes on the hillside

Crossing the swing bridge

Crossing the swing bridge

Rio Cuale

The bridge might need a little repair

Man crossing bridge with ladder

Along the river

Enjoying the walk

A view to the river

Rustic fencing

Another view of the path

Enjoying the morning sun

Another spot to enjoy the view

An apartment building in the Colonia

In the Colonia

More of the neighbourhood

Zumba dancers getting their workout

These women are here every morning by 8:30 shaking their buns off.

Where Douglas and Edward stay

This is a view from the river of the place where our friends Douglas and Edward rent every year. The palapa roof covers the pool table and the library which Edward manages – a step down from his work as a librarian at the University of Toronto perhaps.

Our favourite Fonda at the market

The cook making our breakfast

The menu

The food is quite affordable. Our huevos are 40 pesos, about 3 dollars. We have seen people eating fried fish and tripe for breakfast. The tortilla maker seems to spend her whole day making tortillas, molding the dough, pressing it, putting it on the grill, turning it with her fingers (they must be made of iron, those fingers) and putting them in baskets for the table. People in Mexico need their tortillas fresh and hot. I don’t eat them myself, but Geordie does. Here is the process in action.

Placing the masa dough

Getting the dough centred.

Pressing the dough. Look at her arm.

The tortilla ready to cook

Tortillas on the grill

Tortillas in the basket

Red salsa, red tablecloth

Green salsa, strawberry table cloth

Fish for breakfast? Looks tasty.

Fresh orange juice preparation

Ready to enjoy the repast

Huevos a la Mexicana with the trimmings

Jorge, the butcher, tenderizing our New York steaks

Note the slab of beef from which our steaks were cut.

Here's where we buy our eggs, honey and lard

Our vegetable market

Glorious melons, pineapples, peppers and bananas

Watermelons, carrots and more

Geordie selecting the perfect pepper - notice his container

Purifying the produce at home with Microdyn (the little bottle on the counter)

If you’ve made it this far you’ve seen only about two hours of our morning. It took me two days to get the photos into the blog. There must be an easier way! I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour. We’ll have to consider “An afternoon” and “An evening” in the life for you later.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  1. Ann Sparkes permalink

    Thank you for the visit with you. I love to read your blog, Nigel.

  2. Brenda Rutherford permalink

    What a great place, seems like you both fit right into the daily life.

  3. Ches & Tina permalink

    Hey Nigel & Geordie, Is this a preview of what you’re going to cook for us every evening when we visit you? haw haw! Looking forward to visiting you in your 2nd digs as we are now in your 1st digs!

  4. Ches & Tina permalink

    Hi Nigel & Geordie, Is this a preview of what you will be cooking for us each evening when we visit? haw haw Pics are awesome. Hope you are having a wonderful time. Luv Tina & Ches

  5. Jeff permalink

    Thank you so much for sharing your adventure! I em really enjoying your emails and your blog! The pictures are super; you look so happy and so fit!

  6. Rebecca Michael permalink

    Are you trying to make all of us up here freezing our butts off jealous? If so it’s working, looks working.

    • knitknigel permalink

      Yep. It’s a plot to make everyone want to come to Vallarta so we can see them.

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